Make your voice heard on the roadmap.

We take into account user feedback, upvotes, onboarding sessions and other data points to help us move the roadmap forward.

Don’t worry if your idea isn’t the highest upvote count on the board, it can still make it’s way through to being worked on. Common sense makes the world go around.

How our public roadmap works at Cleft

Under review

Being reviewed by the Cleft team and taking feedback from other users. All voices are heard equally and we get back to everybody.

Under Review

We review every piece of feedback we receive, before we move it forward in the roadmap.


What is currently being worked on for the next release(s).


What we are currently researching before bringing to production and taking feedback from users.


Don’t expect anything here this quarter.

Live Feedback

As issues arise, we engage with users directly to diagnose and solve issues.


What we have shipped since April 2024.