Cleft offers a range of features designed to revolutionize your thought capture process. Whether you’re brainstorming on the go or diving deep into complex ideas, Cleft has you covered.

Compare our plans to find the perfect fit for your creative needs:

Create CleftsTransform your spoken thoughts into organized, actionable notes
Encrypted dataYesYesEnd-to-end encryption ensures your ideas remain private and secure
Recording time5 minutes30 minutesCapture quick ideas or extended brainstorming sessions
Custome Instructions150 words500 wordsPersonalize Cleft to understand your unique requirements
Offline backupNever lose a thought, even without internet connection
Pause a CleftTake breaks during recording to gather your thoughts
Publish a public Cleft to the WebShare your insights with colleagues or the world
Rich media integrationAdd context with images and documents
Voice playbackRevisit your thought process later, in your own voice
Share CleftsSeamlessly integrate Cleft into your existing workflow
Export optionsMarkdown, plaintext & audio download for flexibility
Cue CardsQuick-access prompts to spark creativity and guide your thinking
Multi-lingual supportCapture ideas in any language

Elevate your thinking process with Cleft. Choose the plan that aligns with your ambition and start transforming your ideas into actionable insights today!