Our Mission

Build products where people feel like they belong and that help our users to gain confidence in their own thoughts.

What is Cleft for?

We help our customers capture their thoughts, removing friction from their workflows.

We built Cleft to do one thing, really well, with an opinionated product design mentality.

We have no interest in becoming another “everything” app.

Our Vision

We built Cleft for users who are usually counted as “edge-case” i.e. not your typical user.

We started working on Cleft for users who are usually counted as “edge-case” i.e. not your typical user. The founders - Justin and Jonny (that’s us!), are both neurodivergent.

We were frustrated at being afterthoughts when it came to produce design.

Beautiful software, in our opinion, is amazing to use, secure and accessible, and inclusive by default, not as a nice-to-have.

Design Philosophy

We wanted to build something by us and for us, and open to all.

We’re not fans of defining people by applying labels. When you meet one person, you’ve met one person, with their own way of approaching life, and work.

If you build a house in the real world, people need to be able to walk in, roll in, or fly in. Everybody should be able to participate in an equal way from day one.

We’re not shy about it: we have strong opinions on product design. It’s what has got us this far. BUT, we want to stress this: we listen to our customers, and treat every day as an opportunity to learn more, and inform our opinion for Cleft. Check out our un-filtered public roadmap.

Privacy Promise

As a team, we are jaded with how companies treat user data. The only interest we have in your data is keeping it safe and making it accessible to you.


  • No model-training
  • No GDPR issues
  • No data lock-in
  • No prying eyes

More detailed information can be found in our trust section.


We are building Cleft as a sustainable and calm company. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out right away.